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The Uncomfortable Truth is Now available!

About the Author...

Diane Corso is an inadvertent expert on eating disorders. She has one, and living with it has been an endless struggle. The hardest part came when she was pregnant with triplets. It was a battle royal between Diane's maternal instincts and the madness that drove her to run 25 miles a day.

In her quest to escape the madness, Diane has discovered there is no true finish line. All she can do is keep searching and applying the lessons learned along the way.


The daughter of Lee Corso, ESPN broadcaster, she lives in Orlando with her three boys.


Yes, her maternal instincts won battle royal. Now she hopes her story will help people who are trying to outrun the madness. 

My Books

Sometimes what you're most afraid of doing is the one thing that will set you free.

Diane Corso

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Diane and her father, Lee Corso

Eating disorders aren’t just for teenagers or those who are concerned about their appearance. They are a serious concern that can happen to anyone, and at any time. Eating disorders are a type of mental illness, and can’t be cured by just telling someone to eat.


This is the up close and personal story of a middle-aged woman who has yet to free herself from her eating disorder. Unafraid to be open and blunt, she shows how for too many years she was able to live an unhealthy lifestyle and now feels trapped in her situation.

In her search for answers, Diane read the backs of countless books on the subject, looking for one that showed its author going through the same struggle she was.


Desperately she needed someone to connect with, someone who knew the difficulties she was experiencing. Each book Diane opened, she wondered will it talk about the shame, secrets, and manipulation of this life? Will I find someone who understands?

This book exists to encourage others in their own struggle. For years, Diane has been struggling to find freedom from the inner voice that whispers to her, holding her prisoner within her own body.

It is her hope that those who pick up the book can rally with her, for her, and against this mental illness, once and for all. You are not alone.

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